The student should complete their theory assessment before start of the work placement. Alternatively, trainers/assessors may check their progress either in the Moodle, received in the email or in the hardcopy, before they allow the student to start the placement.

The final assignment submission takes place once the student completes all the assessment tasks of the enrolled units. These include completion of the theory, practical, and workplace tasks. To expedite the certification process, students need to make sure that they haven’t left any tasks undone while they hand in/submit the tasks.

Usually, students submit knowledge-based Student Assessment Booklet-I (SAB -I) via Moodle or in a designated email, once they complete it. However, you can also submit the hardcopy of the theory assessment (SAB-I) if you have requested to handwrite it. Trainers/assessors provide feedback based on their submission. Trainers/assessors provide feedback based on their submission. For the practical booklets which contain classroom-based and workplace-related tasks (SAB-II), students should hand in/post the original books to us.

You may also professionally scan the booklet and upload a single PDF file in the Moodle if hand-in or post is not convenient to you. However, the work placement booklet must be submitted in original, either through post or personally hand-in. Distance students must post their original work placement booklet to us.

Job Reference:

Advance College is always ready to help all our students in the job searching process. We are more than happy to see our students succeed in the caregiving sector. Thus, students can request to put our name in the reference details. The detailed process of the job reference will be provided by email, once students reach the stage of the job application.