Thank you for your interest in enrolling in Advance College. This page provides you with information about the enrolment process.


Being a domestic RTO, we do not enrol international students holding a primary student visa. If you hold a student visa, please do not apply to our college. You need to provide evidence that you are not a primary international student, before the confirmation of enrolment to us. For the enrolment, you need to provide one/one IDs from the following two groups:

Group 1: Identification (anyone from the lists)Group 2: Residency Status (anyone from the lists)
• Australian Driving License
• Australian Passport
• Government Issued Photo Card
• Foreign Passport
• Medicare card
• Valid Australian Visa

Once you have those two IDs from each group, you can choose any of those three options to enrol to us, based on your preferred and convenient choice of enrolment.

  1. PDF Form Fill and Apply via email
  2. Face to Face Enrolment

  1. PDF Form Fill and Apply via email: You can download the fillable PDF Enrolment form of the college. You can fill it in any PDF reader or web but need to save it once filled. You need to send the properly filled application form along with two IDs (one from each group as mentioned above) to our email: Once we receive your email, we will verify the details and get back to you by no later than TWO working days.
    Download PDF Form
  2. Face to Face enrolment: You can visit our college at Burwood, fill out the handwritten form and apply for the enrolment. You can bring copies of two IDs either printed or in soft. Also, if you need some assistance in applying or are unable to apply online, you are always welcome to our Burwood office.


Based on the enrolled course, student’s competency, work experience, and past qualification, you may need to submit additional documents such as previous academic transcript(s), local job payslip(s), or job letter. You will be advised whether you need to submit other documents.

Before proceeding with the enrolment, please make sure you have clear information about the course, enrolment terms, and conditions. You can also read our Student Handbook, Enrolment Terms and Conditions, Course Cancellation and Refund Policies, among others.

You are being assessed on language literacy and numeracy (LLN) to determine if you have the required English reading, writing, and numeracy levels, once you are enrolled in the qualification, except for short courses. The LLN test will determine whether you will be required additional support to complete the enrolled course. If the client needs additional support for language, literacy, or numeracy support, they might need to pay additional support fees, as determined in the enrolment condition. The trainer/assessor may ask the client to sit on the interview, either face to face or online, if they wanted to further determine what level and type of support the client may need to complete the applied course.